Our aim is to provide trustworthy, reliable and commendable black bin (i.e. wheelie/domestic refuse bin) and industrial/commercial bin cleaning and pressure washing services on a national level by 2006/7.

Seeking customer satisfaction and understanding requirements are key to the further success of WHEELIE CLEAN.

The focus of WHEELIE CLEAN is to provide high level sanitization services which will help to reduce bacterial levels and assist in alleviating infestations caused by rats and maggots, in order for the development of a cleaner environment.
A high pressure hose and lance may be attached to our unit to provide a self contained mobile pressure washing service.

The pressure can be adjusted up to 30 bar and therefore can be used to clean walls, driveways, paving, roofs, etc.

Our purpose built unit is totally self contained.

All water used is filtered and recycled
i.e. returned to the on-board tank and waste materials are retained during the cleaning cycle.